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Shreenathji Extrusion is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Aluminium Extrusion Profile and Die products. Whether you�re new to aluminum extrusions or a seasoned extrusion designer, it�s important to understand how an extrusion die is designed to create different profile shapes and why those differences impact the die manufacturing cost. While the upfront investment in an aluminum extrusion die may look expensive, shorter lead times and overall lower production costs make it a clear winner for many product applications. We Produce our product While there are a multitude of shapes that can be created using aluminum extrusions, the dies used fall under three categories: solid dies, semi-hollow dies, and hollow dies.

We are product a premium quality extrusions in different alloys with thickness ranging from 0.4 mm to 40 mm and profile size varying from 4.0 mm to 150 mm subject to the alloys and other specifications. There are more than 15000 dies for 8000 different profiles.

Our commitment to quality and service and our extensive infrastructure has made us a prime source for best-selling brands. We continuously strive to improve our manufacturing processes, practices and systems to ensure that customers' needs and expectations are fully met.

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